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Terms and conditions

MioTv is a service offered by Max Media in an absolutely free and without requests.

Max Media does not collect any data, of any kind, uses sensitive data and does not distribute data to third parties.
The MioTv service offers the only possibility to easily and immediately find links to TV and similar transmitters offering free streaming. For the use of the site no registration and no payment is required.

The use of the service is completely free, so it does not require payments in any form.
Use does not involve registrations or registrations that can still access sensitive user data.

The service is available via smartphone, pc, computer and table, which I must have internet connection. The links made to the streaming TV are free, so they are free of cost requests. The use of the vision, being through its own internet line, involves a consumption of data traffic. Depending on your contract with the service provider, you have a quantity of data included in the price. With this amount, the manager requests the difference for use.
We recommend using the home wi-fi network or public networks that generally have no consumption limits, while that of smartphones are in varying amounts, depending on your subscription. It is advisable to know in advance how much data is available and check the consumption.
Any costs of connections or other are charged to the individual user, not attributable to MioTv or anyone who works with it. A use

Tv broadcasting stations

If a broadcaster does not wish to link to their page, please send us a message with the references that indicate this request for abstention to the link.

For non-MioTv broadcasters wishing to have their connection, we ask that you send a request message adding a new channel to Miotv by attaching an image of the official logo of your issuer in the format chosen from: jpg, pdf, png. Include within the request the company data proving the ownership of the trademark / company and therefore the possibility of making such a request.

Each issuer is responsible in the absolute form of the contests presented to the public.
In no way will requests from companies that produce, distribute or transmit materials that do not comply with the law and with safety regulations will be accepted. Also excluded are requests to suppliers of pornographic material, which offer material that violates the respect and dignity of citizens


it is Easy to...is Free...that is All

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