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Max Man



Official: from 1 oct. 2019

Max Man is the mascot of MioTv

it is Easy to...is Free...that is All

it is with much pride that we announce the entrance of the character "Max Man" as the mascot of the portal MioTv.it


Max Man will be present in various points of the site and will check that everything is perfect, also you will dedicate to answer your questions and help you in case of need.




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A little more about Max Man


After the great successes in the world of Social recording millions of viewers who have followed his stories, Max Man released the song "Holy one, "Karol" dedicated to our beloved Pope John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla) in a few days it was first on YouTube with over 2 million views on social.



The song Holy Karol was carried out by 104 people and all non-profit.

Max Man has participated in numerous public events, including events of solidarity for disabled children, associations for the blind and for UNlCEF

Then it came to him...




the book

"Max Man the gift of life".


A wonderful story, full of sensitive content, where, for a moment, laugh... and shortly after you run the tear. A change in the incredible sensations that have brought readers to not be able to stop reading until the last page in a very short time.

(Ps. we will Team MioTv we read it... it happened to us)


What is it about?
We do not want to reveal much in order not to spoil the surprise, however, is a humble and cute snowman who, for the love received turns in "man". Oh yes, a man of flesh and blood, that is born, grows, learns the things of life, living new sensations unknown to him and she knows... love.

And it is a jaw-dropping finale, which left all of the readers to open mouth (including us)


A book suitable for all ages.

If we can afford ... we will recommend you to read it, if you don't want to buy it fatevelo pay (ritornandolo to the owner at the end of the reading) but read it!!! Those simple principles and moral of life which it contains will also be your inner growth.



But now... we leave the word to the Max Man




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Here is exactly !!!!


I finally do say something .


Hello friends :-)


as you have understood from today are here with you and as a perfect "pain in the neck," I'll be careful, and that you will see more and more channels and with the greatest of ease.



And if you have any difficulties, please email me

I will help you !


Hello Friends... soon, we'll see you around.

Max Man



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He will answer you

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